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Hello from overcast and gloomy Hobart

G'day one and all,

After an absence of I'm not sure how many years, a request for help on an unrelated forum (getting DoomAttack to run under WinUAE) has rekindled my interest in classic Amiga hardware.

I'm currently running a freshly restored A1200 with Typhoon 1230 Mk 2 accelerator, 16Meg of Ram, 2Gig Hard Drive, an EtherLink 3 Lan card and outputting composite video to a 19 inch LCD TV. Image quality isn't as good as I'd like, so once some wideband op-amps turn up I'll be revisiting narmi's RGB to YPrPb converter thread.

These forums have answered several questions over the last week so I felt it was only appropriate to register and see if I can give something back to the community.
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