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Originally Posted by TreacleWench View Post
Jens, do you have an ETA on when the config tool will be released?
The usual "when it's done". The core must support pixelclock switching first. This has only been tested under lab conditions to make sure that the CPLD code is correct, but didn't move into the release core yet.

Also, all the variables that the config tool will set are still static settings in the core. It'll take some time to make that all variable, but still have it non-volatile in flash. Give us at least this month to work on that.

Originally Posted by pintcat View Post
I also tested a few screen modes: PAL & NTSC (HiRes interlaced) work fine, HiGfx works too, but is squeezed and even DBL modes work at least with interlacing (but look squeezed too).
The "look squeezed" thing is most probably a property of your monitor. You should get a picture for almost any screenmode if your monitor can support the output frequency. The current core builds it's own settings for the output screenmode and tries to decide if it doubles a line from the resulting VSync frequency: If VSync-out is over 120Hz, then lines are doubled, to VSync becomes a lower value.

Originally Posted by pintcat View Post
PS.: ...and the new socket fits perfect!
Yep, that new tooling was a very valuable addition to the product. Note to everyone: Please really do support your mainbaord when pushing this on, so it doesn't bend too much. This connection is nothing that you should change frequently. It's meant as a one-time thing, and putting it on/pulling it off is quite a punishment for the mainboard(s). Although my test-A1200 has seen a couple of hundred click-on/remove steps last week, I don't recommend to try this at home :-)


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