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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post
Hiyas PubbyZ!

wow, tis been a while since seeing you about here, hope your doing well =)

Anyway, while you can use WHDLoad on a basic A1200, you will struggle to access games and even a list of games due to only having 2MB of chip RAM.

For instance, if you had a full install of WHDLoad games from KillerGorilla's WHDLoad Pack's then if you wanted to load a game begining with S (lets say SuperCars 2) - you would have to navigate to the S directory and then wait for all the icons to load before you can choose which game...

once it had done this you would have less that 1.3MB of RAM left - which is not enough to load the game via WHDLoad.

if you tried to load a current listing program instead - it would use too much ram again - what AGLaunch does is provide a low-memory useage game listing for WHDLoad packs that are categorized the same as ClassicWorkbench.

you can download AGLaunch 0.7c here it has install instructions on how to use and set it up.

Should you be using Classic Workbench then this is a drop in update - again with update entries and scripts - the install.doc explains all =)
Thanks Zetr0 I use it in Classic WB,Do I need to update it at all,do you know what version is in Classic WB..?

I works brill in my A1200 with 2mb only with Mulitboot,it boots every game i have on my HD..

I can't boot a game from workbench,not enough memory..

Sorry I know this is a bit off topic but can I install Amiga OS 3.9 on a A1200 with 2mb..??

Oh and would it be ok to add this to my website CBM Borg Emulation,it will have its own web page then..

How do you update it on Classic WB and will this be able to scan what games you have on your HD yet..?

Here is a name for it... "Amiga WHDLauncher" what you think..?

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