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I had to go for the megadrive, but it wasnt an easy choice.
PC-Engine was a mixed bag. Had some really nice games (best vresion of street fighter out of the 3 (ironically snes, despite being remembered for having a great sf2, actually had the worst versions of sf2 out of the 3, but that's kinda splitting hairs as all 3 formats had good versions), but it also showed itself for being partially 8bit fairly regularly too. There's also a zealot or 2 I know that turned me off the pc-engine somewhat.
Snes is probably my least favorite of the 3 (although I didnt dislike any of them). Mostly because of its pretty generic game "feel". I always put this down to it having such a weak cpu and relying so heavily on custom chips. While all machines have a distinctive feel, the snes for my tastes suffered a little from it. It stands out so much that there's an almost game construction kit like similarity to a lot of games (not suggesting theyre bad like with a lot of construction kits, just that there's a parallel with the similarity of games).
The megadrive was for my tastes the best overall balance, and its hardware flexible enough for coders to do interesting things with for the longest period of time. Having said this though, it probably had a larger percentage of average/bad games than the others. By sheer weight of numbers though this isnt really a problem.

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