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3d Construction Kit2 (and other game maker software) stuff

Over the last month or so I keep stumbling upon 3d Construction Kit2 while doing random browsing, so Ive decidde to have a bit of a play with it. I was never really a fan of 3dck1 back in the day (never used no.2), but I only ever tried it on a stock 7.14mhz 68000.

Has anyone here spent much time with 3dck2? Im always interested to see what people come up with while using limited tools/game maker packages/etc. More often than not this sort of stuff is pretty bad, but sometimes the effort people put in reveals a certain charm.

Id also be interesting in seeing or hearing about games/etc. people have made using other such tools/packages/game makers/whatever, but given the 3dck's insistance on stalking me of late, Im predominantly intrested in 3dck2 stuff for now.
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