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Originally Posted by gibs View Post
Hi dudes !

Here is the Tiny Launcher (1.8.8) :

Some numbers:
-on a stock CD32 (2MB, NOFAST RAM, And BOOT CD).
Time to boot (include indivision AGA init) : 15 sec
Time to scan 177 games : 3 sec
Time to scan 272 demos : 6 sec

Since the 1.8 version
Tiny Launcher is provided as a stand-alone executable. Just copy it where you want on your HD.

Since the 1.4 version, Tiny Launcher can run many whdload games on a 1MB Chip Ram Amiga Computer (Example Amiga 600). Your Partition (not your drive) must be named "DH0" and you need a Kickstart 3.X or it won't work (Sorry I'm not a magician).

Here is an example of Whdload games you can expect to work on a 1MB Amiga 600:

Agony, Apidya, Airball, Arkanoid, Arkanoid 2, BAtman Movie, Battle Squadron, Blood Money,
Bomb Jack, Cadaver, Chuck Rock, Commando, Chrystal Hammer, Dyna Blaster, Eagles Nest, Elf, Galaga92, Giana Sisters, HATE, Head Over heat, IK+, Ikari Warriors, Kikstart 2, Leaderboard Golf, Lotus1, Menace, Midnight Resistance, Nebuslus, New Zealand Story, Nitro, Operation Wolf, Overlander, Pacmania, Paradroid 90, Parasol Stars, PP Hammer,Tetris Pro, Rick Dangerous, Rick Dangerous 2, Rod Land, Beast, Beast 2, Silkworm, Spy Vs Spy I,II & III, Sumulcra, Stunt Car Racer, Super Cars 2, Treasure Island Dizzy, Turican I,Turrican II, Turican III, Virus, Wrath of the demon, Xenon, Xenon II…and more.

If you want to run those games with the KICKSTART 2, you can try TinyLauncherSE:
(Put it at the beginning of the startup-sequence).

Originally Posted by spannernick View Post
Will this work on a Amiga 1200 with only 2mb..??
I haven't tried it yet, but it seems so. Surely I'll be trying it soon, although I'll be using a Hawk ramboard with 8mb. I like this launcher [ Show youtube player ]

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