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Originally Posted by alenppc View Post
Hi Jens,

I just emailed Vesalia to order the 1231. What a beautiful board! Made me dust off the good old A1200.

I am curious about a few things.

Where did you get the 030 cpus from? As I understand it, they are no longer manufactured so these must be old/unsold stock?
The CPUs were Vesalia's stock.

Originally Posted by alenppc View Post
Why did you clock the CPU at 42 Mhz?
That was not a decision based on the CPUs, but based on memory speed. The SD-Rams I use are Winbond 200MHz types. They can deliver data within 48ns after row-open. This can be achieved by running memory clock at 83.325MHz, which gives 12ns per clock cycle. Running the CPU at half of the memory clock is the evident solution.

Originally Posted by alenppc View Post
Is the synchronization with the main board the reason? If I remember correctly, the various M-tec cards used that frequency by mutliplying the A1200 motherboard clock.
I did that on ACA1230, but the ACA1231 is fully async. You can run it at almost any clock speed.

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