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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Truth is: I'm not the only developer of Indivision AGA MK2. I did the hardware and the board-bringup, I made the CPLD code and the logic architecture. The flickerfixer code inside of the FPGA is re-done from scratch by Peter Wendrich (of Chameleon fame). Not a single line of code of the old model has made it into the new one, because the hardware is just too different.

The FPGA contains maybe 10% of my code and 90% of Peter's code, where my code does all the board-related timing (CPLD communication, flash communication, clock phase settings, DVI encoder init/communication and stuff). Since this is all very Amiga-specific, it was clearly my domain, because even if Peter has an Amiga history as a programmer, he doesn't know that many details about the AGA chipset communication.


Very nice of you Jens giving credit to where credit is due Thanks Peter Wendrich I'll be joining the Chameleon group soon and look forward to my Indy mk2 A1200 also to the future for the ACA520 (030 limited edition?) and IDE-fix express

All the best and Thanks Jens

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