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Originally Posted by DonAmiga View Post
Well you see the developer ( Schoenfeld) on here all the time
Truth is: I'm not the only developer of Indivision AGA MK2. I did the hardware and the board-bringup, I made the CPLD code and the logic architecture. The flickerfixer code inside of the FPGA is re-done from scratch by Peter Wendrich (of Chameleon fame). Not a single line of code of the old model has made it into the new one, because the hardware is just too different.

The FPGA contains maybe 10% of my code and 90% of Peter's code, where my code does all the board-related timing (CPLD communication, flash communication, clock phase settings, DVI encoder init/communication and stuff). Since this is all very Amiga-specific, it was clearly my domain, because even if Peter has an Amiga history as a programmer, he doesn't know that many details about the AGA chipset communication.

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