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Originally Posted by Weemus View Post
Last night I discovered I can't find my KS1.3 disk.
KS disk?
You mean Kickstart floppies for the Amiga 1000?
The A500 (and beyond) uses Kicktart in ROM, not floppy.

I don't remember too many (can't think of any, but there are probably some) programs that didn't like kickstart 1.3, and needed 1.2

Mostly, the old compatibility problems I remember from way back then were some games that didn't like more than 512k of RAM.
(That's why some of the early A500 RAM cards had a jumper to disable it)

I know, by the time Kick 2.x and above came out, you started running into problems with older games, and you could "degrade" your Amiga to an older kickstart using some programs/boot floppies. (Not the Amiga 1000 kickstart floppies.)

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