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I guess it was a moment of joy too soon. Acatune status revealed that maprom=disabled and something "can't map kickstart because RAD: is present". I have KS 3.1 in A1200 with ACA and the jumper was left off (manual states that). With "ACATune >NIL: -maprom * p -cache on -burst on" won't boot and shows strange chaotic display with black/white stripes. Now when I put the jumper on this declaration works just OK. And I have KS 3.1...and the jumper is ON....even if it's meant to be ON if you have KS 3.0....catch my drift here?

But it works fine this way and Acatune status reports ALL OK so it's the main thing for me. Just wanted to let you know. But I have the same problem with CF-adapter and 4gb CF card...Amiga's own HD-led is lit almost all the time. I noticed that the Amiga-led activates when there's graphical movement on the screen + normal hd activity of course. The CF card's own led works OK -> only when there's activity on HD.

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Today the ACA 1230/56 was put to test. First tried without ACATune: had installed ClassicWB 3.9 and it booted fast from a CF card with 3.1 ROMs - no probs . Then put Parasol Stars demorolling itself for 2 hours - all OK.

Then the scary part: copied latest ACATune 1.5e to C:, added commandline
"ACATune -maprom ** p -cache on -burst on" to S-S and reset...(fingers crossed!)....
Booted OK & fast! Played around in WB and then tried various WHDLoad-games for about 2 hours - ALL WORKING!

If I left one '*' from the maprom option then the A1200 wouldn't boot but show strange chaotic display with black/white stripes. So had to add the second '*'.

No graphics trash at all, no strange probs yet, and I hope it stays that way!
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