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Originally Posted by Mequa View Post
Update: After some testing, I changed the default filter from Scale2x to null, as the former was too slow with WinUAE 2.4.0 on lower-spec PCs I tested it on (such as Core2Duo 2GHz). The above installer has been updated.
I know with PCs, 'mileage may vary' but I can run every filter I like at any FPS rate I like with my 2GHz C2D. Have you checked Direct3D mode? (Not DirectDraw)

I'm not sure I get the reason for the package - is it related to problems running it with WHDLoad on WinUAE/A1200 or such?

Just wanted to this up cos I loved this game so I like the effort If the AGA gfx are like CD32 they are smashing! - even if I've only played my OCS version 'properly' cos I have the cheapo CD32 controllers...

Bummer about the save game thing. This game is enjoyable but pretty big, so I hope you get it sorted, it's really useful in this game, especially if you get stuck in a mushroom spore cloud...

Remember I had dinner at an Indian restaurant in West End with Jez San and the two coders who made this game, they were agreeable and unpretentious, nice guys. I was shocked to (not that much later) hear of the suicide.

Here's to good times and awesome games.

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