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Hypothetical 5 and 10 meg OS3.x installs

While the idea is more to hopefully learn a little about deeper streamllining/optimising/enhancing of an os3.x install I'll pose the question this way:

How would you go about customing your AmigaOS install assuming you only had only 5 meg of storage space for the actual core OS components? What would you omitt or substitute for alternatives (I noticed there's quite a few replacements for things in c for example on aminet). What tools/utilities would u add or replace existing ones with? What enhancements would you make vs. a standard os3.0/3.1 install? What extra libs are essential and/or worthwhile? What should be patched/replaced? I could probably go on and on with other similar questions, but the hopefully Ive gotten the idea across already.
Also, same question but assuming 10 meg.

While Ive done more than my fair share of customising os3.x it's been predominantely with amithlon where raw speed tends to hide differences in speed of achieving a job in different ways, so am now trying to learn to squeeze more out of my a1200.

Posing the question as I have I hope will show what people really value for a nice os setup, plus a few extra niceities that they enjoy for the 10meg version. Not to mention (for me at least) is potentially fun

So far I have:
Magic Menu2 (110KB for MM2+MMPrefs)
birdie2k (95KB)
fblit (60KB for fblit + fblit library, about 250 for gui, but its not needed)
ftext (4KB)
contents of OS3.x discs (5-ish meg (just a rough approximation going by 6x880KB))

Already its at roughly 5.25MB. How would people proceed from here?
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