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Originally Posted by desiv View Post
USB serial to null modem cable to Amiga.
(Tablet is acting up, editing is tricky. Short reply)
At a P.C. now.. ;-)

Anyway, you just hook up the USB-serial adapter to your PC, plug in the null modem cable into both, and run the software.

Now, getting the software on the Amiga side onto your Amiga can be tricky.

At least, you will need a bootable Amiga disk with CLI/Shell and the TYPE command. (A standard WB disk will do)
Better is a crossdos enabled Amiga or a program called DOS2DOS (or disk2disk?? It's been a while) to read/write from an IBM DD formatted disk.
Assuming your PC has a floppy. :-)

Once you get the transfer program onto your Amiga, then it's pretty easy.

For free, you can use transwarp on the Amiga and ADF Sender Terminal on the PC to send disk images to your Amiga. It's command line on the Amiga, but works well...

For a smoother feel, the Amiga Forever people have a product called Amiga Explorer, which is very nice. I haven't used it for full disk images, but I have for file transfers. It's very nice... (did I say that ;-) It's not free tho. I think it's $10 if you buy it separately, or it comes free if you buy Amiga Forever. Have to admit, even tho I prefer the real hardware and WinUAE is great as is, the latest AmigaForever is a nicely put together product.

But I did ADF Sender and transwarp for quite a while, with no problems...
It's slowish (serial, fastest I could reliably do was 19,200. You should be able to go faster with the accelerator), but I still remember 300 baud transfers.. ;-)

And if you're having trouble getting set up, I (or probably others) would have no trouble sending you a floppy to get started.

Enjoy that system!!!

(yes, the 1084s monitors work great for multiple systems. When I get/make my svideo adapter (they take s-video, just as separate Chroma/Luma), I'm going to move my 3DO to it, so I can use the lightgun.)
(Darn LCDs not working with lghtguns!!) ;-)
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