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icon.library 46.4 test versions

Always download the last full version from Aminet before you update:

Aminet - util/libs/IconLib_46.4.lha

Update to icon.library 46.4.483:

Added support for the OS 3.1.4 function BumpRevisionLength() to make copies of icons with long file names under the new WB possible, like it could already be done internally since WB v45.130 with the help of WBCTRL MNL=102.

Fixed some bugs under DOpus5. The icon.library detects the task name of DOpus5 correctly now, even if it's started by its icon with a different name than "dopu"..., like DirOpus or DirectoryOpus. -- Furthermore, the first icon in a lister won't get invisible anymore when a disk (floppy, CD) without an icon is inserted.

Update to icon.library 46.4.484:

Icon.library now replaces the second image of any preview icon that is generated by Image2Icon with a darker copy of the first image and a glowing effect. I didn't like the second images as they were created by Image2Icon-Capsule, a GUI for Image2Icon. -

Update to icon.library 46.4.485:

It's now possible to install an alternative CPU version of icon.library into a subdirectory of LIBS:. If your LIBS:icon.library is compiled for the 68000 then you can add the alternative version in LIBS:68020/icon.library. If your LIBS:icon.library is compiled for 68020+ then add an alternative to LIBS:68000/icon.library. The correct version will be loaded automatically by icon.library. On OS 3.0/3.1 this feature only works with RemLib from Thomas Rapp, not with LoadModule, LoadResident and probably not with BlizKick, too. If you don't need this feature then just install Libs:icon.library as usual.

Update to icon.library 46.4.486:

Nearly the same as 485 again, but a little safer. If a resident module "icon.library" exists, no efforts to load an alternative version are made, because that would cause a recursive loop. The alternative version is only supported by using RemLib or SetPatch v44.

Update to icon.library 46.4.487:

Increased the number of Open() calls which do a check whether FBlit is running to 4 now. -- Added the sometimes missing palette mapped data, which caused the FileX appicon to lose its images when the WB was closed and reopened. -- Fixed the handling of long filenames with more than 102 characters, that should never get an icon, because appending ".info" would cause buffer overflows. This update has not been tested very much yet.

Update to icon.library 46.4.488:

Three steps forward and two steps back: some fixes to avoid early WB openings, disappearing text files and disappointed users.

Updated IconDemo ADF files (486):

To make it easier to use my icon.library under OS 3.0/3.1, I've built two demo floppy images that should show you how to get things to work. Just copy one of these ADF files onto a floppy disk and then boot from it. These images are NO speed demos! If you have enough RAM you could also use the much faster RAD: disk. (Please, always install the latest icon.library on your harddisk)

These demos can display all types of icons: old icons, MWB-icons, NewIcons, GlowIcons, OS4-icons and PNG-icons. This does not need a workbench.library v44+. Only the old icon.library is removed from the resident list with Thomas Rapp's very nice RemLib tool and then the new icon.library is loaded from Libs: into the memory instead, without a reboot.

IconDemoA500.ADF is for low end systems with 68000+ CPUs, OCS/ECS with a fixed 16 color palette, minimal 512 kB ChipMem and 1 MB FastMem. I would recommend at least 40 MHz and more memory to enjoy it (e.g. a MiniMig). 68020+ systems are detected and supported by loading the 68020 version automatically.

IconDemoA1200.ADF is for better systems with 68020+ CPUs, AGA, minimal 1 MB ChipMem and 2 MB FastMem and uses FBlit. It needs no ChipMem for the icons and the NewIcons patch makes even transparent backgrounds possible.

In both configurations DefIcons, AutoUpdateWB and SwazInfo are also installed. These ADFs are working with Kick 3.0 already and are supporting PAL and now also NTSC screenmodes.

The excellent CopyIcon tool from Stephan Rupprecht makes it possible to replace the images on your existing icons with a simple drag&drop from all available icon sets, no matter which format the source icons have.

Of course, the icon loading from a floppy disk will always be very slow. Furthermore, OS4 and PNG icons can also be rendered much faster after converting them once into the OS 3.5 format, but on these ADFs they are still in their original file format in order to demonstrate the ability to decode them on any Amiga.
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