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Initial settigns


since we don't have a config tool yet, here's the initial settings:

- Scanline emulation is always switched off (just looks crappy on DVI)
- pixelclock 78,65MHz
- PAL output about 63Hz
- NTSC output about 76Hz

Note that many monitors (especially DVI monitors) do not support such a high output frequency, so if you're in NTSC-land, you may need to set your WB to PAL in order to see a good picture. I recommend to get a DVI->VGA adapter with your order and to have a multisync VGA monitor handy if you're playing with screenmodes.

My worst (=most piccy) DVI monitor is a Dell 1704FPV, which never displayed anything during development of the core. With these settigns, it displays PAL, but not NTSC. My Eizo and HP test-monitors display both modes properly.

Please also note that using S-Hires modes on A1200 boards may reveal a weakness of the chipset. Many of my A1200 test-boards show pixel flickering after a warmup phase of about 30 minutes. This flicker is also visible on the normal 15kHz output, so it is not caused by the flickerfixer. However, with the flickerfixer supporting such high resolutions (which you've never used before, because it was too blurry on your old monitor), this weakness of the chipset may occur to you for the first time.

If you experience such behaviour, you can work around that by adding a small cooler to your Alice chip. If that doesn't help, you may need to do modifications to the motherboard, similar to the mods required to operate an ACA1230/1231 accelerator. Oh Commodore, how many years of fun you've given us with your sloppy QA....


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