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Awesome. Most of the games I got are complete, or at least I think they are. They're in REALLY good shape, too. Either the person I bought these from never touched them, or he was VERY careful. All the strategy games come with the maps and manuals. All the games that have copy protection devices came with them. Hell, Cannon Fodder came with a keyring of a bullet with the game name put on it. Sweet. The biggest downside? Space, primarily. I'm going to need some awesome shelving to store all of this stuff. A few of the disks may be reaching their end, as well. Cannon Fodder's already crashed on me once, and the awesome theme at the beginning is skipping like mad. All in all, it's really, really awesome to be able to play Amiga games, and the expansion makes it even better. The monitor is also fantastic. I think I'll use it to play my SNES on.
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