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Hardware Compatability

I was just looking at the post below - things seem to get a little bit heated there!! haha

Anyway, it seems to me that a lot of the problems people are having with Winuae stem from what hardware combinations they are using. Would it be useful if we all list the hardware specs in our PCs and give a small summary on the problems (if any) that we have?

You never know, a pattern might form pointing to troublesome motherboards, sound cards, etc....

My Specs

Operating System: Windows XP home SP1
CPU: AMD Athlon 800 @ 800Mhz
M/Board: Soltek SL-75KV+ VIA KT133 Chipset
Graphics: Nvidia Geforce 2 ti 64meg DDR (latest Nvidia drivers)
Sound: Onboard Via AC97
Ram: 256meg PC133
Harddrive: IBM Deskstar 180GXP 120gb 7200rpm
CD: LG GCC-4120B CD Rewriter/DVD Rom combo
Modem: Motorola SB4100 Cable Modem USB
Keyboard: Standard PS2 interface (no windows keys!!!)
Mouse: Microsoft Intellimouse Optical USB

No problems found while running latest Winuae. Can emulate an Amiga 500 with no noticeable slowdown at full frameskip. No problems with sound!

It goes without saying to make sure you've got all the latest drivers, etc and that you're not running a stupid amount of programs in the background. I guess people know this though

Let me know what you think...
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