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Originally posted by Burseg
There is SO much stuff on amiga that I don't know where to begin.

It looks like you were not very interesed in role playing games. Eye of the Beholder series are ideal for starting. Or maybe you'll like zelda style RPGs, I played Speris Legacy today, it's a top quality Team 17 game. Speaking of Team 17, have you ever played Worms or Project X? Project X recalled another shooter, Stardust, and Super Stardust both are very good titles. I can never stop speaking on this matter

Have you checked CodyJarrett's Amazing Top 20 Amiga Games thread?
Does Super Stardust work with WinUAE now? I tried it a long time ago on a different PC and it did not work. The ADF files for Super Stardust are hard to find now too. I own the CD32 version of Super Stardust and it would be cool to get that working with WinUAE.
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