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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
Jejejejeje. That's what I wanted being so rude... I know someone would make it. How do you do that, please? A video would be great.

I haven't done any vids yet.. Someday (I keep saying..)

But it's pretty easy..
(Remember to go OnLine, and not with EasyNET or AmiTCP. You need a newer TCPIP stack. I use MiamiDX now)

First, you have to have the MHI MAS Pro driver:

Then you have to have AmigaAmp:
I downloaded version 2.25:

Then you need a playlist file..
Now, AmigaAmp doesn't have .pls as a default recognized extension. You can add that in the AmigaAMP config (and restart AmigaAMP) or just name your playlist .mp3.

So you open a text editor and add:

Title1=Amiga Hits Radio

Then save it as AHR.MP3 (or AHR.PLS if you've set AmigaAMP to recognize PLS)

The load that in AmigaAMP as tho it were an MP3 and it plays..

Simple as that.. :-)

Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
I've got the mas player in the envelope and I hadn't even tried it.

Mine was open within about 3 minutes of getting it, and installed within 20!

Don't wait!!!
There's no need!! Go on! Open it! You know you want to!!
Amiga Hits Radio is calling you!!!

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