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Originally Posted by Englyst View Post
Working on the red ball in the blue environment. I found some issues with raydiosity splotches where the scene is dark so I'm refining the resolution so I can get them removed. This takes a little while but afterwards it's much better and renders quicker.
Thanks Englyst. Well still you haven't made it and I'm remembering what DemonHellraiser said...

Originally Posted by DemonHellraiser View Post
...I'm sure you'll be getting plenty of requests
I have to say that your latest version is the one I like more.

Did you watch the video I recorded with one Demonhellraiser did under my request and that I'm using as wallpaper in my Pc using DreamScene?
[ Show youtube player ]

I know I'm asking too much, but I will say what the best wallpaper (well, video-wallpaper) would be for me: The one of the video changing colors, but using your darker blue and .. around the ball the phrase "Only Amiga makes it possible" turning around the ball... Yes, I know, just a dream... but would be the best DreamScene movie ever.

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