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Of course th4t1guy. It's because it's a hardware issue. Some hardware work better together with winUAE than other hardware. Still admirable that you got it running nicely on that low specs. I was using Dos Fellow back then to get stutter free emulation.

Understand though that if you read some of the earlier posts that there are people who's had problems with higher specs. Why? Maybe it's a sucky motherboard, maybe it's drivers, maybe it's the SB Live which seem to be causing problems. With my 533 as stated it was my GeForce which did it and the same problem came with a friend of mine who had a similar setup just as he upgraded to a GeForce from his TNT2.

It could be anything.

Hardware not cooperating is a pain in the ass. I feel sorry for a friend of mine. He's got a 2 GHZ PC with a SB Audigy and a GeForce4 and DDR ram to make it run as well as possible. Yet he can't even watch a simple divx movie without constant freezing and stuttering.
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