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Originally Posted by mfilos View Post
HighGFX 720p already? :P
Looks good Jens. Not bad for an experimental core
It currently supports all screenmodes, but they're converted to very funny output frequencies between 40.3Hz (XTREME 1280x1024) and 152.9Hz (that's for Euro72:Productivity). I hope that we can do pixelclock-switchover and automatic line doubling before the first units reach customers. The first thing you should do is update the unit. Also, most DVI-Monitors don't like such far deviations from standard PC screenmodes, so it is a good idea to have a DVI-I->VGA adapter handy if you want to try other screenmodes. DVI-multisync monitors are rare, and common cheapass-DVI monitors will probably only show a picture if we have the configtool.

Originally Posted by mfilos View Post
Btw I guess you haven't seen my question some posts back.
Is the connector on the Indy mk2 4000/CD32 a standard 20pin male one? (I can't be sure from the photos)
Maybe not from the photos, but from the text found in thie thread. I did see the Q, but figured it wasn't worth answering. Raster is 2.54x2.54mm.

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