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fils mum
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Angry Godamn you boy!!!!!


Just what the godamned hell do you think you are playing at?

What a toilet mouth you've got, and you didn't get it from me, you got it from that bastard of a father of yours!!

These people seem to know you better than I do..... you are a bloody idiot!!!

Its not my fault you fell out of a tree, nor is it my fault that your brother David hit you hard on the head with a brick when you tried to insert your fingers in his bottom!! You've only got yourself to blame for being such a tosser!

And what about school???? I suppose you got your potty mouth from school (when you damned well go that is!!!). Just because Mr.Andrews the geography teacher tried to touch you up, doesn't mean you have to be so vicious!!

you are a VERY disturbed little boy!! If you spoke to me like that, I would run you over with the car (if we could afford one!!).

If only you would stop molesting the animals, I would be happier, but I can see the pills are not working for you, and I will be speaking to your doctor to get you commited to that nice cosy mental hospital.

These people are right, and I hate to use the language fil, but they are so right when they call you a FUCKING IDIOT!!!!!!

Why can't you accept that you are different? You're gay, live with it (I do!), you like boys more than you like girls, but its ok.

But swearing isn't ok, no it fucking isn`t!!

Another outburst from you my lad and I will beat your bottom black and blue...... just how you like it!

God you're a dissapointment!

Whos this face a picture of?

Its my face.

Whos this face a picture of?

Its my face when you die.
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