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Originally Posted by pmc View Post
That's absolutely no problem - I didn't really do very much after all.

Plus, it was worth it cos now you've posted this:

so I can now download and enjoy one of my favourite Amiga games ever on my phone. \o/

So, thanks to you and your guys for the efforts!

Seems a bit pointless to me moaning on about whether the game was awarded the right review score for the right reasons in magazines fifteen odd years ago.

Surely the central point is that it was, and is, a great game as well as being technically impressive for its time.

Developers out there interested enough in doing the kind of update work that brings retro games to a new audience should be encouraged in my opinion.
Would be really nice to see some other Amiga classic games come to life on smartphone/tablets, like Shadow of the beast etc.
Heard a while back of the iAmiga project, but I am unsure of the status on that one?

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