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Originally posted by fil
Galahad/FLT - That's interesting, "Idiot", that's what i'd call you, but i'd add "fucking" before it - so, let me do it for you, as you're intelligence level is quite obviously = low ... Fucking Idiot, ok?

Galahad/FLT = Fairlight? why don't you just put 'Fairlight' instead of your shite abreviation FLT ... fucking muppett!

now let's do it in chorus you fucking idiot! You have absolutely no understanding of my post ... you side with idiots, because you are 'an idiot'.

Steve = Fuck off and join the pricks
7-Zark-7 = BIG BIG Prick, fuck off
Drake1009 = Some respect retained, at least you didn't flame me, thanks mate, appreciated

message to 'twats' Throw me off EAB if you like ... but do that and retain your moronic status. You are real fucking pricks and i want nothing to do with you!!!! FUCK OFF!
My intelligence level is quite low? Ha Ha.... yeah, I guess you think that speaking to people like idiots is gonna get you help? Ha, what a moron!

FLT? Well, my moronic 'friend', seeing as Fairlight have been using that abbreviation since 1983... still, guess the following guys don`t have a clue either:

CSL = Crystal
CLS = Classic
FLT = Fairlight
QTX = Quartex
PDX = Paradox.... and the list goes on. Still, if you actually knew about the Amiga's heritage, you would know (or have the intelligence to ask!) why we use the abbreviations, but, because your a fucking moron, instead of listening to people, you bitch at the very people that can (could have!) helped you. ~Guess I must have used it just to confuse you... which judging by your mental intellect(sic) so far, is probably only equalled by your post count!

I have no understanding of your post? No, perhaps I don`t. Despite peoples requests that you give them more information, and give them your PC specs, we are all idiots. I mean, after all, who the fuck is asking for help here? And you call me and the others idiots!?!?!?!?!

What a total tosser!

I only live in Bristol you gobshite, perhaps you would like to come visit me and tell that shit to my face? Or won`t mummy let you out of the house when it gets dark? Boo hoo, little boy fil has thrown his toys out of his pram.... boo hoo....

So whos gonna fucking help you now retard?

I reckon we shouldn't throw him off. Every forum needs its own retard and idiot, and I think fil fits the bill just nicely!

Oh go on fil, reply with something really 'cool', something that has a smattering of intellect behind it, instead of the rantings of some stupid schoolboy who hides behind his keyboard because he has the social skills of my fucking arse!

Anyone got a picture of a 'girl' to show fil? Other than his mum (but I bet your adopted, because even your momma bitch slapped you when you were born for being too damn ugly!), I would bet money (no fil, not pocket money!) he hasn't seen one yet!

Ha ha, I can see it now, fils great response. Will it be:

a). fuck off you fucking fucks, youre all fucking idiot fucks who dont give a fuck
b). why the fuck wont you fucks help me you fucking idiots
c). your right lads, i've been an absolute tosser, I put my hands up, I had one to many cups of cocoa before I went to bed, I was wrong, I am a fuckwit

Go on fil, amaze us all with your stunning prose, I'm sure this topic, though not actually helping you any at all with your problems with WinUAE, might increase your vocabulary beyond the words of 'fucker' and 'prick'.... of which in no particular order, you have demonstrated to be!

Bring it on lamer!
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