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right, people like you have a home Fil, and it's here UAE discussion board

We (as in everyone else) help removing bugs by telling Toni what's wrong in a sensible fashion.

More often than not Toni actually sorts things out, because he is good at what he does. I.E. coding shit.

Dure Toni might fuck things up from time to time, but he is the first person to say "sorry, I'll fix that in the next release".

I neglected to responded to your trolling earlier, but I feel you are pushing it too far, people are trying to help you ouyt here, but you've just thrown it back in everyones faces.

Maybe this is just me, but when people "try" and help me in "Real" life, even if they are talking directly from their buttocks, I'm polite and thank them from their trouble anyway.

I'm no f*ckin' genius, but I know when someone is trying to help with the limited information I proved, the least I can do is be curtious to them in my replies.

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