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Originally Posted by s2325 View Post
Dactylus [ Show youtube player ] It's Agony with dragon, we have even swords and same shooting sound.
I see also influence from MDK Not really serious, but during the intro, when the hero is not lightened enough and with his stiff hair, it reminded me of the helmet of the hero of MDK:,153324/

Anyway, you are correct, it is really similar to Agony.

I tried and watched the credits (at 33:40). I might have missed something as they were quite long and in German (except for one sentence in English at 39:41 and another one at 40:45 and 3 lines at the end of the credits).

I have not noticed any reference to Agony, Art & Magic or anyone listed as involved in Agony.

They do thank (I think) Sid Meier and other famous game designers (+ a lot of people throughout the credits).
So I would believe they would have credited people involved with Agony at least for the influence if there really was an influence.

Also, they refer several times to the demo scene. I don't now much about Agony and Art & Magic background. Perhaps some of them were also involved in the demo scene or some people in the demo scene were impressed by Agony and did a few creations inspired by Agony, which later inspired the creators of this game?

I don't know if there are other sources, but it seems like it is available on UG for those who would like to try the game itself.
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