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Originally Posted by Shoonay View Post
I'm only on level 7 and it already took me ~13 hours to get to that point, it's so fun returning to upper levels to check if I missed somthing.
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Its those darned Steam achievements, I actually caught myself finding it important to nab them I only missed the "wear a full suit of armor of valor" one because I tossed the shield of Valor on "some" floor, not realizing yet it was part of the set :/

As to finding secrets, especially on the lower floors where the secret buttons become smaller and smaller you get quite good at spotting them. The automap is the biggest spoiler however, it is usually only too apparent when you mapped out an entire floor where hidden stuff is still going to be found. You might think it is cheating, but it is more fun to do it that way than to scout the entire level again just staring at each wall (which is what I do on the first time I make my way through it).

In any case I've finished it, now I'm going to give it a rest before giving hard mode a try. Will be interesting to make the "finish the first floor in 4 minutes" achievement that way
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