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Originally Posted by TorbenLarsen View Post
It is not really a tragedy, but a reflection of what the Amiga was capable of back in 1989. From a technical standpoint and how much the Amiga was pushed it is not far off with the score and perhaps an indication that the game was way ahead of it's time technically, artistically and musically.
(Note: I have at times mentioned that there are more than 100 unik colors onscreen during gameplay, more than 3 times that of standard 32!!!)
Not the point, sorry

109%, as a percentage, strictly speaking does not exist! That's why it is a total joke and the review is stupidly vague anyway. I don't care how many colours it displays during the game - games should not be reviewed from a 'techincal standpoint' but from how well they play. A lot of magazines rated the game around the 80s area which I think is a much fairer reflection of the game (i.e. it's a very good game but not one to change the world) but there we go.
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