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Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey View Post
Tragically, that 109% isn't a typo. That is the actual score it was given by a professional magazine, as utterly ridiculous as it may seem.
It is not really a tragedy, but a reflection of what the Amiga was capable of back in 1989. From a technical standpoint and how much the Amiga was pushed it is not far off with the score and perhaps an indication that the game was way ahead of it's time technically, artistically and musically.
(Note: I have at times mentioned that there are more than 100 unik colors onscreen during gameplay, more than 3 times that of standard 32!!!)

Originally Posted by jimmy2x2x View Post
lol, thanks for the info!

I wonder if its an unrealistic dream that the still active chaps over at cope-com would ever consider a revamp of battle squadron for the miggy, keep everything the same but take advantage of the superior processing power available via upgrades and emulation to get everything running at 50fps, instead of the hybrid 25fps 50fps that the game seems to run at.

I always had that dream about many amiga games but its unlikely it will ever come to light, I find something really appealing about a game that runs in a frame.
But then we have Hybris in the pipeline and it runs like real smoothies. Max framerate on all counts just as on the Amiga

Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
I'd really like to see Hybris converted as well, 100% like the Amiga version.

kids today need to know how we rolled back in the 1980's, and they need to experience the magic of one of the Amigas highlights.

So how about it Torben? How about doing the decent thing and getting Hybris converted?
It is well underway and playable on iOS and it looks cool. First level is more or less fully playable Can't show images of it yet but will happen very soon and hopefully within some weeks too a testing beta round could take place, just as we did with Battle Squadron ONE. And this time we will also include Android if it is OK'ed

Originally Posted by Gunbot View Post
Thanks Torben, the work you did is appreciated.
Thanks, great to hear and needed to lubricate those pixels
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