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Originally Posted by magnetic View Post
working now.. I sent you a PM in regards to purchasing gear


Just to clear up a few things as i have had a few people msg me about what does what etc...

The HDMI adapter plugs into the 20 pin cable that comes with the MKII Indivision (or my custom length cable) so you can plug a HDMI cable into the HDMI adapter without the need of using the DVI adapter board that comes with the MKII.

The Audio from the HDMI adapter board is provided from the L & R channel audio outputs (bottom of motherboard) by soldering a Wire to each channel and then connecting the 2 pin connector (i supply) to the HDMI adapter. The signals travel through the HDMI cable (3 foot) and then the wires break out so you can plug them into your audio input on TV/monitor.

The 20 pin custom cable is for people that want to use a custom length cable from the MKII to the HDMI Adapter board. (You do not need this unless you want to tidy up your cable lengths etc)

Hope this explains everything

Edit... The HDMI cable i supply is 3 feet, if you want to use a bigger size i can provide info on how to do it, but you will have to sacrifice at least 1 cable in order to find wire colour pinouts
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