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Originally Posted by diablothe2nd View Post

EDIT - PS, How much are you charging for this and where/when can I place my order?


Once I receive my MKII's and prove functionality of the adapter i will sell them. I'll sell the adapter, 20 pin custom length edge card cable and a modified HDMI cable with audio separately.

The price for the 20 pin custom cable is kinda high as i am only willing to buy in small amounts so i don't get stuck with a lot of unwanted parts... $7.50 Cad.

(you can always use the cable supplied with the MKII, and you can if you are careful remove one of the connectors, cut cable down and replace the connector. Don't try if you don't have a a decent crimper to squeeze the connector back on)

HDMI Adapter board itself... $10.00

HDMI 3foot custom cable with Audio breakout cable. $9.00

anyone requesting them will be in the list based on time of requesting to buy. I plan on making 25 of them unless i get lots of interest..

Shipping will be $8.75 if the weight is under 250gram for most places (This is actual cost for me to mail). Above 250gram Canada Post charge an extra $8.75. I'll weigh the parts on Monday so i can give a more accurate quote

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