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I mixed a song (By Chris Hulesbeck) yesterday from the Amiga so it would sound more stereo not one beat come for the left channel and other sound from the right,most Amiga music uses 4 not 8 the sound sounds weird if you only have one speaker on your me.. and it sounds not so good in headphones too,but mix the the left and right together and its a lot better.

If anyone wants to hear it,I will play it for you but I need to know when you are on the station exactly the so I can change the track playing..??
I have called it... Turrican 2 - The Final Fight(in Stereo)Mixed by Spanner the name is on AHR..(I love Cool Edit Pro)

Do you like the sound of Amiga game music like this or would you want me to do it to others..??

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