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Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
I would keep the ingame music as is and add a new intro tune instead. I like playing with that current music.
Depends how it fits I suppose. Some tunes are better suited to in-game than others. Of course anybody can change it round by renaming the files

Originally Posted by whitegiant89 View Post
i hope this will work on an unexpaned a1200, i'v never been able to afford a ram expansion
Certainly should do. At least that is what I'm aiming for.

Originally Posted by mombasajoe View Post
Or a mod-selector
Funnily enough this has been suggested. I'd need to find a way to implement it and I'd need to have a whole load of tunes written for the game so they can be selected via a key, or a press on a CD32 joypad. It's a nice idea but it will need a lot of work to be included.

Originally Posted by Reynolds View Post
I found some parts to correct in the current tune, will be done, and yes, the new music can be used for the title screen. I'm on it...
Great, thanks! A lot of people like the current tune so I'm sure you can do a good job with this one too
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