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People did work hard to make their creation !
This is true but only when it was to late....They also worked very hard in the early days to rip us off with fancy packaging and wonderful descriptions on the box.....eight to ten pounds a game. 20 years ago was a lot of cash to find out you bought a load of crap and back then you couldnt just take it back.

The market got flooded with games in the begining even before there were mags to give us reviews of 1 or 2 games worthy of buying.
Thats really when the companys got their act together to produce quality games but it was to late by then piracy was all over and its the Vic20, C64 age im talking about never mind the Amiga etc.

However on a good note.....films for a CD.s for a couple of quid and retail games for a fiver !! you can thank piracy for the low prices you pay today.

You cant blame piracy for everything some of it was self inflicted by legal companys ripping us off.
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