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I've started the AGA version now and will be uploading a WIP at some point in the near future

We've now got a parallax-scrolling background (which has its own palette of 16 colours in addition to the actual game's graphics) and this, I hope, will also be changing colours every few levels to liven it up a bit. We've also got a new score panel which uses 16 colours rather than eight.

Also, the title and high score screens have been enhanced with a 256-colour palette so they look a lot nicer. The credits and Remainder Software logo will follow the same route.

I'm also planning to have a separate in-game tune too. There wasn't enough memory to do this on the normal version as it wouldn't all fit into 1MB but it should hopefully work here. Hopefully Reynolds will do the same sterling job as he did with the title music

The big change, though, is I'm going to add support for CD32 pads (so pausing, quitting etc can all be done via joypad) - which also means you can use a pad or stick to enter your name on the high score table as well as the keyboard. I might need a bit of help getting this feature to work correctly as I'm not really sure how to go about it at the minute.

Hopefully, when done, this will mean that if you have a stock CD32, you can load and play the game normally just like you can on a regular Amiga.

In the meantime, here are a couple of hasty WIP photos, taken with my phone from my old TV which is connected to my A1200...
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