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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
Weird thing is, the Spectrum 128 version of Where Time Stood Still sounds better!
One thing that can do this is if one tune was developed say in the Spectrum 128 with a AY-3-8910 and then simply transplanted to the ST that uses a YM2149. Also the sound chip frequencies are also different 2Mhz on the ST, 1.77Mhz on the Spectrum, and this would also alter significantly envelope times and tuning.

One good example is the Xenon tune: it sounds ok in the ST, slight off on the Spectrum but sounding better, and absolute shit in the CPC (which has the AY clocked at 1Mhz).

Also, in my opinion, the AY has a much better sound compared to the YM.

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