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Question Re: I did

Originally posted by Galahad/FLT
For the technology of the time, Fears was in a different league to AB3D, sure it got surpassed, but AB3D and Fears were the first couple to be released.

For the time, it was ok.
Sorry Galahad but I don't agree at all. It's pants now and it was pants when it was first released. Fears was released in late 1995 and Gloom had already come out. I'd already played Gloom a lot by the time I played Fears so I compared the two and liked Gloom much better than Fears. I'm not comparing the games graphically. I'm saying Fears was insuperior gameplay wise. Gloom had already been released before this came out and it's miles ahead of Fears in terms of both graphics and playability. I just don't think Fears is fun to play. It's just very boring. A lot of my Amiga friends who played it back in 1995 also couldn't stand the game. What do you mean by in a different league to AB3D? In what way?
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