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Definitely down to the platforms being so thin I would have thought. Because you fall at a faster speed and the game only checks for the pixel below the player's feet when doing the collision detection it's inevitable that for thin platforms it doesn't really work... maybe we need slightly thicker platforms for that one.

In other news...

AGA version officially started! I will use the old diary thread to keep people posted on this though don't expect too much in the way of updates this time round as there's not much to actually update people on.

Also, clenched has discovered how to get the music working properly on 1.x systems, complete with the ability to turn it off, so I will be releasing a version 1.1 of the game at the same time as the AGA version. As a bonus, it's also a lot less sensitive when it comes to turning the music off too. So thanks to him for working that one out.
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