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I did

Originally posted by Steve
Testament - DOH!!
Quake - PC Port (Not proper Amiga FPS game)
Doom - PC Port (Not proper Amiga FPS game)
Heretic - PC Port (Not proper Amiga FPS game)
Hexen - PC Port (Not proper Amiga FPS game)
Death Mask - Not a proper FPS. Besides it's shit. If you had to include this you'd have to include stuff like Alcatraz which has a similar level to Death Mask. I considered it for about half a second. Does anyone else think Death Mask should of been in the poll?

Right someone own up. Who voted for Fears?
For the technology of the time, Fears was in a different league to AB3D, sure it got surpassed, but AB3D and Fears were the first couple to be released.

For the time, it was ok.
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