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A1200 Ram Again.

Hello I'm new to the forums but ive owned an Amiga A500 since 1991.

I light of getting myself back into this world for 4 channel audio tracking , And pre-ESCOM gaming I have recently purchased an Amiga 1200 with PCMCIA CF transfer bundle with EasyADF from AmigaKit, Along with a 4GB CF hard drive to replace the 200mb 2.5" HDD.

So far i have everything installed and running smoothly with being able to replace the disks which have become corrupted over the years. I am currently looking into implementing WHDLOAD on my system.

My A1200 only has the standard 2mb ram no expansions, nothing. I am looking into my options of buying an expansion card atm for Ram only maybe 4mb or 8mb. Could anyone recommend any places besides ebay so i can explore all options?

Would anyone like to offer me any advice on what would be best for my situation, i have the money but have to justify spending it as many of the cards include FPU and CPU boosts. Like i said before i'm mainly just looking to use the audio software and playing the up to the AGA/CD32 titles. while still being able to use Relokick to boot my physical original disks.

Any advice or help would be much appreciated. And thanks for being part of a fantastic community.


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