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For me, Gloom, or Gloom Deluxe in this case, is the best. It adds improved graphics to an already great original version. It matters not if the graphics (in either version) may not match those of fps games with far higher system requirements, or that it lacks 'proper' 3D. The thing is just really fun to play.

All due to the straightforward gameplay, wherein you charge around wasting anything that moves. No ammo supply to worry about, no faffing with weapons or objects and nothing even resembling a boring labyrinth to traipse round. Secret goodies, disgusting sound effects, bad guys that occasionally make you jump, good difficulty curve, consistent (i.e. fair) play and a sense of humour. All excellent things, which none of the other games in the poll can match fully. Especially Fears.

Haven't played Special Edition 97.
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