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I too had a hell of a lot of sound hassles & stuck to 08.8r8,but like Drake & Djay,since 0821/2rx onwards, things improved markedly, esp from the WinUAE 0814/7 era.

@Fil. If you really want some "help", then a little more information & a little more politeness for the people here trying to assist you wouldn't hurt either-not much to ask for,is it?
Ian WAS talking about WINUAE 0822r3 & you responded to that, hence his suggestion about the sound buffer settings.

A description of your PC setup wouldn't hurt for example eg:Motherboard/CPU speed etc. Do you have onboard sound, or a dedicated card eg: Soundblaster live!?
If you have a VIA or Intel chipset for the M/B, do you have the latest drivers installed? If memory serves, certain older VIA chipsets had numerous issues with Creative's soundblaster series. What O/S, what version of DirectX etc.

Have you tried reducing your screen size for your fullscreen screen settings eg: 640x480, or 800x600 etc.
Have you tried switching to scanlines for line/display settings?
Remember, the more info you give, the more likely someone may have your specs & help with a solution!
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