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Hi, there.

I have verified and corrected my list on the first page e.g. some games have other names etc.
Now I have most of the games listed. Only the items marked with "*" are missed. If anybody has one of these or knows where I can download them: please contact me. If anybody wants to have one of the games listed: PM me or post it her...

I don't want to revive this thread to often but I think I will update the list sometimes in the near future because I found some nice review sites on the web. There are simply to many good games for these consoles...

I'm urgently searching "Ys Book 1-4" for PC Engine !!!

I've tried Super SWIV and: WHOW !!! Really good...
Never seen such a great thing on the amiga... ups, hope nobody read this...

I found "Gate Of Thunder"-Iso for PC Engine. Please contact me if you want it.
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