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Thanks everyone for the warm welcome :-)

Originally Posted by modrobert View Post
My kids (Boy 3 years old, girl 5 years old) are only mildly interested when trying to play Xbox360 or PS3 games, but when they see me firing up an Amiga game, no matter what, they come running (not even Shaun the sheep video clips can keep them away), and that's just using an emulator...imagine what the real hardware could do.

Cheers, you'll feel right at home here.
My elder girls (11 and 10) are interested in the PS3 and XBOX 360 but they just didn't seem interested when I tried to fire up the "super awesome" Speccy that I bought years ago on eBay and finally found a working PSU for :-)

They haven't really seen much of the Amiga yet, just Kickstart 1.3 on it (I think they wondered why there was a big hand on the TV).

I'm hoping that some of the games will get them interested and maybe some of the demos too like Pugs In Space (it was one of the first demos I saw on my friend's Amiga years back), and my youngest daughter (who is 5) might like the Noddy game I have for it :-)

TheCyberDruid, I didn't think of that. Erm... right, got to find a joystick now. I think I have one kicking around somewhere, failing that I have a Megadrive joypad :-)

Long term I'm wondering if I'm better off buying a new mouse which seem to go for about 15 quid on eBay or buy one of those Amiga to USB adapters (for about 25 quid) and use a standard USB mouse.

DonAmiga, I've been looking at Scart cables, I'm a bit confused, one I've seen on eBay mentions about an extra pin so it'll work on LCD TVs. I'm probably going to use the Amiga on both the main TV (42" Plasma) and the kids TV (28" CRT), would I be better off getting one of these DIY scart cables with the extra pins attached?

This is one of the cables I've seen which is from a UK seller or then there is this one from a guy in Greece which is a bit cheaper but would probably take another week to come through.

I'm thinking too longer term I'm going to try making a batch of retrobrite as the Amiga has yellowed a bit, it's not too bad but I'd like to clean it up a bit.

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