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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
I wish you success, as it would lower the pressure on my shoulders for other games porting. But why did you open a thread before having at least a playable version ? Why did you give a youtube link instead of a link to the whdload stuff you spoke about ?
Why do I need to do it the way you say? I feel its better to show that results are present, talk is cheap, actions speak louder than words!

I gave a Youtube link because I have no intention of making the WHDLoad version the only version, in fact i'm only using WHDLoad as a development tool to quicker develop the Amiga version, once I have the controls sorted and the YM emulation sorted, I can then master a proper 512K ADF version so that EVERYONE can play it, not just WHDLoad people.

This is the way I want to do it, respect that and please try not to sound so combative as you currently are, its not helpful.

It clearly states its a WIP (Work in Progress)... why not show that actually happening?
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