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Ok great. Because a lot of demos are PAL only and some games too. Native resolution for this monitor is 1680x1050 would I be able to run close to that in widescreen or is it blurry? I'd really like to run widescreen mode to show off HAM8 graphics.
The monitor will most likely stretch the picture. As discussed on a technical level a few pages back, Indivision AGA MK2 cannot output that high resolution, so your monitor will scale the picture. The amount of "blurrying" depends on the quality of that scaling algorithm. Please note (one more time) that the initial firmware will not support all output modes, and we will not have the config tool available until "sometime later this summer". The config tool will let you add/remove black bars on the edges of your screen, so you can adapt to the panel size of your monitor. If that is a key feature for you, you should not yet buy the unit. If you're fine with a wait for that config tool, you can buy now.

Originally Posted by magnetic View Post
One question I have i'm confused about is when the MK2 display is active on the lcd monitor is the Amiga's RGB video output blacked out or does it show the screenmode in mirrored mode if its a supported mode? (if that makes sense)
The RGB output will stay active. If you still have a 15kHz or multisync monitor, it will display a mirrored picture. That's the way we're currently developing the flickerfixer here ;-)

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