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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
It supports Superhires (1280 pixel-wide screens) and it supports the full 24 bit colour range. On top of that, you have HighGFX with even bigger screens like HD720. Your Amiga has a whole new appearance with such a high resolution, and you have all-new possibilities if you look at the available screenmodes in your screenmode prefs: Try DblPAL or Productivity modes on your DCE flickerfixer. AFAIK, it fails badly, but Indivision AGA will show them.
Ok great. Because a lot of demos are PAL only and some games too. Native resolution for this monitor is 1680x1050 would I be able to run close to that in widescreen or is it blurry? I'd really like to run widescreen mode to show off HAM8 graphics.

One question I have i'm confused about is when the MK2 display is active on the lcd monitor is the Amiga's RGB video output blacked out or does it show the screenmode in mirrored mode if its a supported mode? (if that makes sense)


I don't release information about quantities, not even to resellers, so there's no point asking them. Everybody knows that I don't have the money to make huge production runs, so this kind of hardware will always stay low-quantity. Flickerfixers have always been a good investment in the past; even the MK1 design sells for more than the original retail price at the auction house with the colourful letters.

Jens, thanks for the honest reply. Congratulations on coming close to your production run on this project, its been a long road!
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