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NOTE: very minor spoilers in here. If you haven't played yet, consider not reading this if you want to be 100% noob when you start it

Yes I've restarted too because a dedicated earth wizard just doesn't work. I now have:

human sword fighter
lizard rogue dagger fighter
human fire/earth wizard
insect air wizard

I don't know the exact name but I gave all characters the trait that gives additional skill points to have at least the important low level spells available right from the beginning.

Fire + air = win as you have single rune attack spells right from the beginning. Having a minor earth skill also helps as you then have poison abilities yourself which have tactical advantages, but it really pays off to have poison shield at your disposal.

The game is great, but if one thing is broken its the spells; there are only a handful of them and at least one of them is as useless as it was in Dungeon Master :/ On top that the skill trees are greatly out of balance; if you don't do it properly you might not even max out a single skill tree even when you invest all points into it. You have to use the trait and use the skill tomes you find as well. That makes it so in the end run when you invest in multiple skill trees, you end up with characters that are only half their potential. Not a problem when you play on normal, but on hard...

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